How do I descale my coffee machine?


There is an engine light on on the dashboard of my car.


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About Manually

Do you know the problem? That light that burns on your coffee machine, or those beeps that your washing machine gives? And you don't have your manual at hand (quickly)? We have developed the website precisely for this problem. In 2023, we think it is high time that consumers were helped quickly and easily with finding manuals for their products and solving any problems. At a time when sustainability is becoming increasingly important, we play an important role in extending the life of products. By providing an overview of all brands that offer manuals, we enable consumers to quickly and easily access the information they need to properly maintain their products.

But offers more than just manuals. If users have a specific problem that is not solved by the guides on the website, they can seek help from the community of specialists. These specialists have knowledge of specific brands and products and can provide detailed and expert answers to questions and problems. In addition, uses AI to help users find specific answers to their questions. This means that users can get answers quickly and efficiently, which contributes to the preservation of their products. In short, is the source for anyone who has a question or problem and does not have a manual at hand. It is an initiative that contributes to sustainability and enables consumers to enjoy their products for longer.